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We are a small flower farm located in Lumby BC specializing in growing and designing with seasonal blooms.

Hello, we are Amie and Molly, the co-owners of Backcountry Blooms. Our small flower farm is located just outside of the beautiful town of Lumby, BC. We work hard all year long to bring you fresh local seasonal flowers during the blooming months of around May - September.  

In the spring and summer, we create beautiful bouquets that you can find at your local supermarkets or you can buy a Flower Subscription and pickup a bi-weekly bouquet of the freshest local flowers.


Our priority is to serve the surrounding communities on an individual basis, and while we are not set up to serve large events we can offer limited services for weddings or DIY buckets

In the fall we offer bouquets until they are out of season, and then we move into seasonal items such as succulent pumpkin centerpieces and wreaths. 

Winter may seem like it would be quiet, but we are busy planning and buying for the rest of the season! This is why purchasing a Flower Subscription during these months while we are buying the seeds is a very supportive way to help this small flower farm. 

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date all year round and for a behind-the-scenes look at how it works at the farm!

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