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Here we go....

Here it is, my first blog! I'll start off by introducing myself and tell you a little bit about myself and how we started BackCountry Blooms

My name is Amie Bengtson....I'm a true Scorpio that seems to get along really well with other Scorpios. I tend to have multiple thoughts going on in my brain which makes conversations and writing this blog really hard for me! I love love anything to do with food especially eating it!! I'm a wino, white is my fav, which is a good thing ( or bad ) because I live in the Okanagan the wine capital of BC. I grew up in the backcountry where my dad taught me to garden, hunt, and forage. I'm a homebody but I suck at housework. I'm married to a wonderful man who puts up with all my crap and I'm a mama bear to a 7yr old son, a almost 3yr old girl and a 2 year old 150lb "horse" dog Tucker. Hubby and I agreed to have a little privacy for our family so you'll mostly see their cute back and side profiles. Tucker and I will be front and center :-)

I'm co-owner of BackCountry Blooms a Flower Farm in Lumby with my mother-in-law( yes MIL) Molly. We have a big passion which is everything flowers!! Our Flower farming adventure started when Molly and I decided to grow the flowers for my wedding and with not a lot of planning or research the obvious happened the flowers didn't bloom in time. So when they did finally bloom we offered to do the flowers for a local wedding and we had a blast!

After that, we continued to do weddings part time and grow a small amount of cut flowers which we ended up creating market bouquets to sell at a local grocery store. But it wasn't until after I had my son when we started to really became serious about growing seasonal cut flowers so we stopped ordering imported flowers and only design with seasonal flowers we grow. Now we offer Flower Subscriptions, Market bouquets for grocery stores, everyday florals, seasonal weddings, and DIY options.

We have expanded into the holiday season with our wreaths and centerpieces using foraged greens and our dried flowers, which can be preordered or you can join one of our wreath making workshops. And new last year we started a Holiday Market in our Hoophouse where we could showcase local vendors and our Holiday creations!

Still to this day we continue to learn and diversify our flower farm business! I look forward to sharing our journey with you!



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