Mini Succulent Pumpkins

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Take home one of our farm grown mini pumpkins with succulents, dried flowers and unique bits! These are one of a kind centrepieces will make a great addition to your Thanksgiving table or an excellent hostess gift.

Our mini pumpkins are orange or cream in colour.

It's first come first serve when you pick up your preorders so if you'd like a specific color please let us know by email

These arrangements should last for about 3 weeks or as long as the pumpkin holds up (some have said months). Light mist with water weekly for the succulents, try to avoid misting the dried flowers and pumpkin.

Want to keep the succulents after the pumpkin fades? Easy! Cut them out of the centrepiece add to your choice of container with cactus potting soil. Place near reasonable sunlight (may need to move around the house to find the right spot) and water only when the soil has completely dried from the previous watering.

NOTE: If you are picking up from Farm Bound please remember they are just a pick up location and it is your responsibility to pick up your pumpkin. We do NOT collect what hasn't been picked up and Farm Bound is closed to the public for the rest of the week.

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